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Himachal Pradesh is one among the greenest states of India. With over sixty eight per cent of its space coated with forests, with such an outsized space below natural touch. Himachal Pradesh is home to an outsized excessiveness of Flora and Fauna, in terms of sheer variety of species and varieties. Himachal Pradesh is that the state of gorgeous hill stations in India. Many Hill Stations of Himachal Pradesh - Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Khajjiar etc have continually attracted countless tourists everywhere the planet. Himachal Pradesh with its beautiful climate and forest cover is made in flora and fauna. From times old, Himachal Pradesh is known for its lovely forests, landscapes and wild. Himachal Pradesh is commonly referred to as the Apple of Eye in India. A fruit bowl of the Indian State. Mountain range Apples is famous for its quality and size for everywhere India, Pomegranate, Peaches, cheery and liche are few of the major fruit produces of the state. Lately, the Flower orchards have return up everywhere the state to require the spring blooms of the state to the world over. The state government is on an ambitious commit to build Himachal the flower basket of the entire world. The wildlife of Himachal Pradesh has gained a lot of quality due to its engaging safari and wildlife tours. The state boasts of largest variety of wildlife sanctuaries in Northern India. At the present there are 32 wildlife Sanctuaries and 11 major national parks.

Shimla incorporates a rattling wildlife Sanctuary. Referred to as "Chail Wildlife Centaury". It is an exotics and far-famed hill station close to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. One among the most traveler attractions of Chail is its wildlife sanctuary. The Chail Sanctuary is found midst the forests of Pine and Oak trees. The wildlife Chail Sanctuary contains of mammals chiefly that includes rhesus monkey catarrhine, leopard, Indian deer (Barking Deer) and Naemorhedus, goral, crested gnawing animal. Alternative animals found at Chail sanctuary in Himalayan mountain range black bear, wild boar, common langur, sambar etc. There are trekking provisions during this wildlife sanctuary of Himachal Pradesh to form the trip additional courageous and fascinating.  Pheasant breeding farm is another traveler attraction of the Chail Sanctuary. It’s enclosed by deodar, Oak, Deodar, Blue Pine, Fir, Adlers, Birch and Spruce are the most type of trees within the forests that is unfold within the mountains. The attractive Rhododendrons are often viewed on hill sides round the marvelous hill station of Shimla from March to May. Chail wildlife Sanctuary is located in solan valley of Himachal Pradesh. Established within the year 1976, the sanctuary is adjoin a sprawling space of ten,854.36 hectares, barking deer and kalijin being the most important attractions of the sanctuary.

During the visit of shimla life one will find sevral wild animals moreover as many species of life. ranging from giant mammals like boar, Rhesus macaque, the rare snow Leopards,Ghoral,Indian deer, Crested gnawing animal, Langur, pheasant and moschiferus. Mountain range Black Bear is Major Attraction. Individuals visiting this place should conjointly come to the Chir Pheasant Breeding and Rehabilitation Center, which was created in 1988 at Bossom and Jhajja. Last estimated, there are over 1500 bird and 350 animal species in the state. The best time to visit shimla wildlife Sanctuary is from March to October. Accessibility to the current wildlife Sanctuary is feasible via Kalka-Shimla route. Regarding 40 kms from Shimla, the sanctuary is well-connected by road to all the near places of India.